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Neste d’Aure

Season: Autumn


Juno of Tremere

Augustus of Bonisagus

Minerva f. Juno of Tremere

Diana f Juno of Tremere

Cerces f. Minerva of Tremere

Joachim of Mercere



Notes: Key Tremere house.


Location: Near Montrejau


Alateus Deus

Season: Autumn


Claudius of Bonisagus

Otto of Tremere

Hazeca Ex Misc

Cornelius of Flambeau

Watching of Criamon


Notes: Multi-house, research oriented.




Grottes de Batharam

Season: Summer


Patrick of Jerbiton

Julia of Bonisagus

Caius I of Bonisagus

Urban of Jerbiton

Johanna f. Julia of Bonisagus

Wanderings f. Watching of Criamon


Notes: Chief opposition to Neste d’Aure; seeks to ursurps N.dA.’s place. Primarily populated by Trianome Bonisagi.


Location: Cautlets


Monastary at Jaca

Season: Autumn


Arnau of Jerbiton

Maria f. Arnau

Internius of Flambeau

Solomon of Guernicus

Ignatious of Mercere

Bernat f. Arnau of Jerbiton



Notes: In the midst of a long second Autumn, primarily a conservative Jerbiton covenant.

Location: Jaca


Occultus Luminarium

Season: Summer


Livia of Flambeau

Pedro of Jerbiton

Alyosius f. Livia of Flambeau

Wilrad of Verditious

Hadrian of Mercere

Victor of Tytalus


Notes: Jerbiton run trading house. Primary combatants during the Jerbiton-Bjornaer War.


Location: Barcelona


Jacques’s House

Season: Summer



Jacque of Mercere

___ of Mercere

Hectores of Guernicus

____ of Verditious



Notes: House Mercere for the Tribunal.


Location: Near Carcassonne


Verdi Nova

Season: Spring



Gaius of Verditous

__ f. Gaius of Verditious

__ f. Gaius of Verditious



Notes: A small covenant made up of a Verditius and his two filli.


Location: Montabon


House of Seekers

Season: Winter









Notes: A small covenant made up primarily of Mystery Houses. They aided the Bjornaer during the war; one of their non-Bjornaer members was involved in a battle and their resident Bjornaer was killed in the second part of the war.




Regio Covenant

Season: Autumn



Mervyn of Bonisagus






Notes: A reclusive covenant, hidden within a regio it has a strong aura that warps it smallfolk and sends many magi into early twilight. It is the residence of at least one Guernicus.




Ordo Levis

Season: N/A


Notes: Ordo Miniscus is not so much a covenant as it is an alliance between a number of Ex Misc. There is a certain amount of sharing resources, but mostly one member is nominated to serve as the Magistrate and his residence is declared the location of the covenant as far as the Redcaps are concerned. The Magistrate has no privileges, just duties and serves for life. The position is more forced upon members than sought out.


Location: N/A

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