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Seasonal Activities

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 7 months ago

Players, please record your magus's seasonal activities here. Simply replace your character's name in the appropriate line with whatever he's doing. I have left the character names in each box to make it easy to find the appropriate cell.


Do not worry about keeping the table 'pretty'; use as much detail as necessary. Please include Study or Advancement totals where appropriate.


The season in Bold is the season that the last session was set.

The season in Italics is the season I anticipate the next session will be set.


Spring 1187FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasusCharacters Arrive at Thesaurus Terrae
Summer 1187FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasus
Autumn 1187FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasusF. and S. explore fairy wood
Winter 1187FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasus
Spring 1188FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasus
Summer 1188FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasusTrip to Regio and fairy vale
Autumn 1188FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasus
Winter 1188FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasus
Spring 1189FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasusCerasus and Flontinex visit the mysterious ivory gate in the creepy regio and find out that their skills don't seem to help with it's mystery. So they kill a rabbit for a pawn of vis instead!
Summer 1189FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasus
Autumn 1189FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasusFairy party to be hosted at TT
Winter 1189FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasus
Spring 1190FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasus
Summer 1190FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasus
Autumn 1190FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasus
Winter 1190FontinexSilenusMarcianCerasus

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