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Magic, Stress Dice and Botches


As per normal rules, casting spells always involves a Stress Die (see page 86 under “Spell Mastery”). However, even when relaxed there is always a base of one botch dice when a roll of 0 comes up. Virtues, Abilities, or Familiar Bonds can reduce this to no dice (if the magus is relaxed).


Wards & Penetration


This has not come up in play yet, but the Line Editor has stated that it is the intention of the rules that Wards, including Aegis of the Hearth, has to penetrate a creature’s Might in order to protect against him. This seems unnecessary to me on a few different levels, so I will continue using my original interpretation of the rules in which wards are not subject to penetration.


Vis Boosting


Each pawn of vis used in casting a spell provides a +3 bonus.




The online community has been having a debate regarding the nature and sensitivity of the triggering mechanisms for magical devices. This list is not exhaustive, and shall be updated as the need arises.


Devices do not have to be held or touched in order to be triggered. (If they're not, other problems could arise.)


Triggers can:

  • See (to a reasonable distance and degree)
  • Hear
  • Feel


Triggers can not (without appropriate linked effects):

  • Sense motive.
  • Make inferences.


Triggers should be specific. I'm not certain how to describe this one. But the idea is that something should trigger because someone has entered the same room as it, but could trigger if someone pass through this particular door, or into this particular room. If that makes sense.

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